When you start to consider buying a pool table you may find the amount of choices a little overwhelming, with a seemingly endless variety of styles, quality, and price ranges. Trying to figure out why some tables cost more than others and which features best suit your needs can be very confusing. So why not let the experts at Regal Billiards help you since we’ve been making these same decisions for the past 35 years? You see, a pool table doesn’t make it onto our showroom floor or into our inventory unless it lives up to our high standard of excellence. That means we have sorted through the poor quality, over-priced pretenders to find high quality tables in styles and prices that fit your needs and budget.

We started out as a manufacturer of high end custom pool tables so we know what goes into making a long lasting, quality product. We go to trade shows and dissect the tables to see what a picture can’t show: The quality of the wood, the finish, the cushions, the hardware, the underlying construction, and so on. A pretty picture can hide a lot so we take nothing for granted in choosing the tables we carry.

At Regal Billiards we believe in accountability, which is why we only sell locally so that we can personally install every pool table we sell. Most pool tables sold on the internet, or in seasonal department stores, are of poor quality and you won’t find them on a billiard retailer’s showroom floor because their weaknesses will be exposed. When you buy from a national website you may run into many hidden costs such as shipping, installation, and accessories (which when added up can often cost more than the table itself), and if you have a problem, where do you turn? Do you have a person’s name, or an address where the table came from? Well we are easy to find because we’ve been in the same location for 30+ years, which is why we don’t leave your house unless you are 100% satisfied with your new table. Because billiards is our business 365 days a year.

We have searched high and low to bring you the highest quality pool table at each price point, so please call or visit us today and let us help you make an informed decision because, if you do it right, you will only buy one pool table in your lifetime.

Helpful Information

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Lifetime Warranty

All new pool tables sold by Regal Billiards have an unsurpassed Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser against defects in material and workmanship, backed up by the table manufacturer, provided installation or service is performed by Regal Billiards technicians. Cloth and pockets are not covered under this guarantee. All other components are guaranteed to be free from defects in material and workmanship.

For specific details regarding the lifetime warranty by manufacturer feel free to visit these websites: