At Regal Billiards, we only work with Table manufacturers who combine world class construction (solid woods, center beam slate support, solid metal joints and hardware) with eye catching design sure to make the table the centerpiece of the room. We are the authorized dealer for the following pool table manufacturers:

Presidential Billiards

The C.L. Bailey Company

Imperial International

Scroll below to view our pool table selection. Click on a table to enlarge and see more details.


Imperial Penelope

Striking yet minimalist design on this solid Aspen Wood Table.
– Available in 7 or 8ft in the Silver Mist or Cappuccino finish shown here
– Comes with a hard top cover for table protection or for transition to a dining or conference table


Imperial Dauphine

– Closeout Pricing! The wrought iron legs and rustic finish combine to create a truly unique appearance for this 8ft table.
– Available in the Raven stain shown here


Presidential Billiards Kruger


This solid Tropical Conifer table has unique convex rail aprons and great detail on the legs and cabinet, all at a stunningly low price for a solid wood table.
– Available in 7ft or 8ft
– Can also come with ball and claw legs
– Available in the Dark Chocolate finish shown above


C.L. Bailey Addison


A starter table in terms of price but do not let that descriptor fool you. This table still has the 1ft slate, full profile 100% gum rubber cushions and world class construction found in all our tables while featuring a stylish, contemporary black and chrome look. Available in 7ft or 8ft.

Hamilton Pool Table

Presidential Hamilton

Hamilton Pool Table

Elegant solid Aspen Wood Table with striking, unique design.
– Available in 7, 8 or 9ft in the Espresso Finish shown above
– Comes with matching Dining Top, Seating/Storage Bench, and Shuffleboard Table


C.L. Bailey Elayna


This furniture style table is constructed from solid maple and features smooth lines in the cabinet and Queen Ann legs. All at a great low price.
– Available in 7ft or 8ft
– Shown in the Warm Chestnut finish; also available in Traditional Mahogany and Black


Presidential Kariba

Solid Oak Rustic Table with a unique transitional design.
– Available in 7 or 8ft in the Charcoal Brown finish shown here
– Round out your room – matching Dining Top, Shuffleboard and King Spectator Chair are all available


Imperial Reno

Solid Maple Table with single post leg and stability enhancing crossbeam construction making for a sturdy and rustic appearance.
– Available in 7 or 8ft in the Silver Mist stain shown here as well as Weathered Dark Chestnut
– Matching Dining Top, Seating/Storage Bench, and Shuffleboard Table available


Presidential Pierce

A modern table set off by bold stainless steel legs and a matching stainless steel strip on the side panel. Available in 8ft in the Walnut stain shown here as well as Oak.


Presidential Carmel


This 100% Oak table utilizes a weathered rustic finish complimented by a bold design and unique coloring.
– Available in 7ft or 8ft in the Weathered Oak finish shown here
– Round out your Dining Room or Game Room or both! This table can come with:

  • A matching Dining Top
  • Matching Seating/Storage Benches
  • A matching Shuffleboard table
  • Matching Pub Table and Stools
  • A matching King Spectator Chair

Teak Addison
Teak Addison

Presidential Billiards Teak Addison

Teak Addison

Another solid African Teak beauty whose sweeping lines, scalloped rails and unique cabinet carvings and flourishes combine to present a stunning pool table.
– Available in 7ft, 8ft or 9ft
– Shown in a Natural Teak finish; also available in Mahogany


C.L. Bailey Duke

This classic square leg table features smooth lines, attractive carving into the cabinet and legs, and is solid maple hardwood construction throughout.
– Available in 7ft or 8ft
– Shown in the Warm Chestnut finish; also available in Traditional Mahogany and Black
– Optional Accessory Storage Drawer available


Presidential Billiards Capetown


Among our most popular tables due to its fantastic bang for your buck qualities – 100% African Mahogany construction, ball and claw leg with a decorative flourish, dental cuts on the side apron and a beautifully routed cabinet.
– Available in 7ft or 8ft
– Shown in a Mahogany finish; also available in Espresso


Imperial International Spectrum


A bold new design with a single post leg and black and chrome styling; this table is the very definition of contemporary. Available in 8ft only.


Presidential Carter

Transitional style solid African Mahogany pool table with single post leg, an arched cabinet, and easy, sloping curves. Available in 8ft in the Gray Walnut finish shown here.


Presidential Vienna

This solid wood table with solid metal v-shaped legs mixes rustic and industrial elements in an eye-catching design. The table comes in 8ft in the Silvered Oak stain and you can round out your room with:
– A matching 4 piece Dining Top
– Matching Game Table and Chairs
– A matching Shuffleboard Table

Imperial Barnstable Corner

Imperial Barnstable

Imperial Barnstable Corner

Solid Douglas Fir Table with a unique pedestal leg and iron bar crossbeam.
– Available in 7 or 8ft in the Silver Mist finish shown here
– Comes with matching Dining Top: matching Seating/Storage Bench, and Shuffleboard Table also available


Imperial Bedford

A contemporary/industrial style table with iron bar legs and crossbars. Comes in 7 and 8ft with a matching 4 piece hard top in a Silver Mist stain.


Presidential Monroe

A solid African Mahogany classic furniture style table with a ball/claw leg, and a two tone Distressed Walnut finish with dark highlights.


Imperial Trillium

Contemporary table with a solid Aspen wood body and bold stainless steel legs and crossbeam. Available in 8ft in a Cappuccino stain.